“The uterus is related energetically to a woman’s innermost sense of self …its state of health reflects her inner emotional reality and her belief in herself at the deepest level. ” Dr. Christiane Northrup

Do you have a Happy Uterus?

  • Just diagnosed with fibroids and wondering what your options are?
  • Tired of being told that there is nothing you can do to to treat endometriosis?
  • Trying to conceive for over a year and now considering what your options are to increase your fertility?
  • Wondering what you can do to save your ovaries from PCOS?
  • Think you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and want some easy tips to minimize or even completely alleviate, your symptoms?

If you answered YES, then you have come to the right place for answers. At Happy Uterus Consulting, we focus on all of your complementary, integrative health care needs. We will make a plan, give you support and connect you with the practitioners in
your area if you need hands on work.

Let Jennifer Waters, L.Ac. and her team of experts support you to utilizing methods that are easy to integrate into your life and proven solutions to your dis-ease patterns. You will not regret your time and effort spent with us.

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