Folks, I cannot believe I am just under 5 weeks away from having a baby.  Time has really flown.  I’ve enjoyed ALMOST every  minute of the pregnancy too.  The first trimester was the worst by far with the nausea but that only lasted 2-3 weeks and was done.  I’ve been so lucky!

So now my focus is starting to shift to preparing myself for the big day.  Now of course, this is my first child, so the tips I share today are mainly things I’ve found through research and asking other moms who had an easy birth.  All the suggestions below are super easy to do and cause no harm, so my thought is, why not?

Tip #1 Turn off the negativity

There are lots of birthing methods out there like Lamaze and Bradley method.  What I’ve chosen for my program is Hynobabies.  There are classes available in various areas, I just got the self-study program. In America, we have a very negative mindset of birth.  All we hear from other women are scary and painful stories.  On top of it, we see actresses on TV and movies screaming and swearing at their husbands as the baby gets ready to enter the world.  Of course birth is going to be painful if we already have this preconceived notion of it! The program states early on not to listen to the stories and surround yourself with positive affirmations of giving birth. Whether you do hynobabies or not, I think positive affirmations for birth are good for anyone and you can find these easily on Youtube.  Our mind is a powerful tool.  If you think it’s going to hurt, it will.  In fact, in MANY other cultures, mothers don’t have the same negativity we do in the states, and end up having a painless birthing experience.  Some experiences are even orgasmic.    How cool is that?

Tip #2 See a chiropractor

I just started seeing one a few weeks ago.  I wish I had done it sooner. For the most part, I’ve been able to stop aches and pains in its tracks and I owe it to this.  You of course want to look for someone who specifically does prenatal chiropractic  so there’s no improper twisting of baby. My lower back has improved, as well as the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  But this will not only help you ease your pains through pregnancy, but it will also help you get your baby in the best position for birth, and it will help open up the pelvis making it easier for baby to come out.

Tip #3 Poly Jeans Formula

Say what? This recommendation was given by my midwives.  It’s an herbal combination that pregnant woman take 5 weeks prior to their anticipated due date.  This is supposed to assist in much easier labor and delivery (among other things).  The one time purchase covers your for the full 5 weeks.  Get it here. Here is a great testimonial from a mother who tried it…

“Wow! This was the fastest labor of my 6 births!  I usually labor for at least 10+ hours, but this time I had him in under 4!  I could really tell the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions were helping get things ready.  I will definitely be using this herbal formula again if we have another baby.” ~Leslie

Tip #4 Date Fruits

Dates have been raved about lately with helping in the last stages of pregnancy.  I just bought some and don’t love the texture so I’ll be experimenting with some recipes here.   An easy way would be to simply add them to a smoothie.  They’re a great sweetener.  The general rule of thumb is to eat 6 a day for the last month of your pregnancy.  It’s supposed to soften the cervix to make for a quicker labor.  They have done studies on this as well so go ahead and search some articles.  It’s really interesting.

Tip #5 Stay Active

Giving birth requires a lot of stamina and focus.  Keeping physically active will help you prepare for the marathon ahead.  Simply walking a mile 3-4 days a week will keep you in tip-top shape.

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