How Many Calories In That “Personal Pizza?”

How Many Calories In That “Personal Pizza?”

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May I share my shock and horror with you?  I didn’t think that you would mind.  Normally, I am a pretty upbeat and positive person.  We can all be honest about the fact that there is a lot, a whole lot, which we can be depressed about in the world today.  But, for the most part I try to look towards the positives and away from all that is negative.  One of the few things that most of us can control is our attitude.  Our attitude shapes so much of whom and what we are, what we become and what we achieve in life.
Yet, every now and again something happens that really gets under my skin.  I ran across this nutritional breakdown of sorts courtesy of the msnbc and the today show.  The actual headline read “The U.S. food industry has declared war on your waistline.  Here’s how to disarm its weapons of mass inflation.”I’m sure they are having some fun here, but the true of the matter isn’t that far off.

Check out some of these statistics.  Felt guilty about that last slice of pizza you had.  Well, at least the odds are you didn’t eat the monstrous beast by the unassuming name “Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza.”  This ball of garbage, yes I did just go there, is supposed to be a personal sized pan pizza.  Um, a personal sized pan pizza that has a freakishly ridiculous 2,300 calories and 4,500 mg of sodium!  Whoever dreamed this beast up, quite possibly hated people.  The whole deal about “okay once and a while treat” doesn’t fly when something is this Frankensteinian.  No way.  But I haven’t told you the best part yet.  162 grams of fat!  Yes, you read that correctly, 162 grams of fat in this pizza of doom.  Let’s take a look at this level of fat.

Now, are you setting down?  If you are surfing the web on a mobile device, please stop reading and sit down.  If you are consuming 1,600 calories a day  (for example, what a smaller woman might consume) then the amount of fat in your diet is about 50 grams.  If you are a big, manly man with a beard and all the rest, then the amount of fat you can consume is about 90 grams.  162 grams of fat!  If you are a smaller woman, this twisted little food has over three days worth of fat for you.  And its still nearly double the amount of fat for a large sized guy.

At this point you might understand my irritation with this “personal pizza.”  Bottom line is that we the consumer need to start asking a lot more questions from the entire food industry.  Its our job to look and see what is in the food we are consuming and when we see something we don’t like say, “no thank you, I will you my spending power elsewhere.”  If you don’t do that in another ten years the “personal pizza” will be “new and improved” with 3,000 calories in it and 320 grams of fat.  Enough already.

Essential Oils for Birth and Delivery

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I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and at this point, time is just flying.  I’ve really had nothing to complain about and sometimes I feel like I should cherish this time more.  And then of course, there are other times where I just want to have this baby.

In my opinion, I feel like it’s been going smoothly because if a problem does arise, I try different things to get my comfort back.  They’ve been very useful.  So if it’s been working during my pregnancy, why can’t I prepare for labor day as well?

If you don’t already know, I try as many natural remedies as possible when something is wrong with my body.  So for this pregnancy I don’t plan on having any pain interventions and am going as natural as possible.  In fact, I’m doing a homebirth with a midwife and am very excited about it!  Now don’t get me wrong, with all the negativity around labor, I am nervous about the pain, but with this medicine cabinet of essential oils, I’m ready for the big day.

You can simply smell these oils, diffuse them, place on bottom of feet to ease stress, anxiety, fear.  Once labor begins, massage the oils on the stomach; and keep the diffuser running!

Essentials Oils For Birth and Delivery

  • Jasmine: Reduces anxiety and calms Mom. For strong contractions. Helps expel placenta. May speed up uterine contractions.
  • Myrrh: Use on umbilical cord to promote healing
  • Clary sage: For strong contractions. Kicks labor into gear.
  • Lavender: For comfort and peace.
  • PanAway: For muscle pain and back labor.
  • Valor: For strength and proper presentation.
  • Peppermint: Soothes nausea.  Reduces pain and discomfort even with back labor. Boosts energy.  Helps Mom pee after birth.
  • Gentle Baby: Soothes tender skin.  Calms Mom, baby, and Dad. May keep baby in birth canal.
  • Frankincense: For comfort and peace.  1 drop on baby’s crown for protection.  Promotes bonding.
  • Helichrysum: Use with Gentle Baby on lower back to prevent hemorrhaging.

Right now, I’ve been focusing on setting up my surroundings that I want for the big day.  It’s important to stay calm and relaxed.  Smell is the strongest sense too!  One smell can bring back so many memories. So when I take a bath, I’ll use my Lavender Castille Soap for the smell (and bubbles of course), and then come birthing time, will diffuse the lavender to get comfortable.  I’ll be use to it already so it’ll be easier for me to get into that state of mind.

Of course, you don’t need all of these on hand.  Pick and choose which ones you think you may need or that are important to you.  For instance, if your baby isn’t in the proper position and you’re worried about that, pick up some Valor to help the positioning, or PanAway to help with back labor.

Most of these oils you can get directly on Amazon, but some of the oils I mentioned above are blends and are specific to a company called Young Living.  Based on my research I liked that they own their own farms and carefully monitor every step of oil production. Plants and their oils are delicate in nature, and I trust Young Living’s gentle process to ensure that nature’s “living energy” is in every bottle. Their essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade, effective and safe.

If you have any questions about getting started with any of these oils, shoot me an email ( and I’d be happy to help!

Water That Actually Tastes Good

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I know I’ve been talking a lot about pregnancy lately so this post is good for everyone.  Whether you’re pregnant or not, water has probably the biggest impact on your body.  With clients, simply reminding them to drink 64 oz. (or half their body weight in oz.) does wonders for their bodies in more ways then one.

Then of course, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t mind doing it, but really hate the taste.  So below, I’ve created a list of ingredients you can add to your juice that not only enhance the flavor, but boost the nutrients as well,

In less than a month, we will be taking a road trip for my sister’s wedding and am totally thinking of doing this.  That way there will be no temptations, right?

Flavored Water Ideas

  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Orange
  • Cherries
  • Lime
  • Grapefruit
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Grapes
  • Blood orange
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Honeydew mellon
  • Fresh ginger root
  • Mango

Also, have fun combining ingredients.  Get creative.  By combining I’m sure you’ll never get bored.

  • Watermelon and mint
  • Cucumber and mint
  • Lemon and mint
  • Cherry and lime
  • Watermelon and cucumber
  • Ginger and lemon
  • Orange and pineapple
  • Lemon and lavender
  • Lime and mint
  • Cucumber and lime
  • Lemon and basil
  • Strawberry and mint
  • Blackberry and ginger
  • Lemon and blueberry
  • Thyme and blackberries
  • Cucumber and rosemary
  • Cantaloupe and watermelon
  • Cucumber, lemon, and mint
  • Lemon and lime
  • Strawberry and basil
  • Cranberry juice and lemon (use a capful of unsweetened cranberry juice)
  • Ginger and lime
  • Pineapple and mango
  • Strawberries and lime
  • Pineapple and mango
  • Strawberries and lime
  • Orange, lime, and lemon
  • Lemon and a pinch of cayenne
  • Papaya and mango.

Of course, there’s many more so don’t let this list stop you from trying more.

*If you’re working with herbs, crush or chop them, squeeze citrus wedges, slice or cube melons, and crush berries.  You’ll get the most out of the flavors with these techniques.”

Surviving The Warmer Weather While Pregnant

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When I originally thought of writing this post, we were here in the lower 80′s.  I’m starting to wonder if I jinxed it because as I write this now we are in the 30′s!  What gives Mother Nature?

Like I said, last week was gorgeous out.  And of course, I was trying to hold out as long as possible without turning the air conditioning on.  Not sure why I do this, maybe it’s because I’m from the Midwest.  We don’t turn our air on until June.  Even my uncle practiced this when he moved to Arizona.  I lived there, and let me say, there’s no way you’re going to June 1st without the air!  He learned fast.

Anyway, I digress.  It WAS warm and I had tried out a few things that made the warmer weather more comfortable.  And it’ll be good to know because I’ll be ready to pop in June.  Hope these help you as much as they did me that very short week of warmer weather.

Tips for Surviving Warm Weather While Pregnant

  • Carry a spray bottle full of cold water for heat emergencies (like that scorchking walk from Target to your car).
  • Wear lightweight, breathable T-shirts.
  • Keep an ice pack handy.  It’s especially good for when aches and pains hit, or during pregnancy hot flashes.
  • Camp out by a source of water whenever possible.
  • Buy a fabulous maternity swimsuit and show of your belly.
  • Stay hydrated.  Check out some flavored water recipes or cool down with a nutritious smoothie.
  • Keep your house stock with food so you can avoid making trips to the store during the heat-of-the day.
  • Use a highlighter to turn your sweat perspiration into shimmer.
  • Get a pair of flip-flops.  They’re easy to put on and if you’re feet are swollen, they’ll fit easily.

5 Preparedness Tips for Birth

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Folks, I cannot believe I am just under 5 weeks away from having a baby.  Time has really flown.  I’ve enjoyed ALMOST every  minute of the pregnancy too.  The first trimester was the worst by far with the nausea but that only lasted 2-3 weeks and was done.  I’ve been so lucky!

So now my focus is starting to shift to preparing myself for the big day.  Now of course, this is my first child, so the tips I share today are mainly things I’ve found through research and asking other moms who had an easy birth.  All the suggestions below are super easy to do and cause no harm, so my thought is, why not?

Tip #1 Turn off the negativity

There are lots of birthing methods out there like Lamaze and Bradley method.  What I’ve chosen for my program is Hynobabies.  There are classes available in various areas, I just got the self-study program. In America, we have a very negative mindset of birth.  All we hear from other women are scary and painful stories.  On top of it, we see actresses on TV and movies screaming and swearing at their husbands as the baby gets ready to enter the world.  Of course birth is going to be painful if we already have this preconceived notion of it! The program states early on not to listen to the stories and surround yourself with positive affirmations of giving birth. Whether you do hynobabies or not, I think positive affirmations for birth are good for anyone and you can find these easily on Youtube.  Our mind is a powerful tool.  If you think it’s going to hurt, it will.  In fact, in MANY other cultures, mothers don’t have the same negativity we do in the states, and end up having a painless birthing experience.  Some experiences are even orgasmic.    How cool is that?

Tip #2 See a chiropractor

I just started seeing one a few weeks ago.  I wish I had done it sooner. For the most part, I’ve been able to stop aches and pains in its tracks and I owe it to this.  You of course want to look for someone who specifically does prenatal chiropractic  so there’s no improper twisting of baby. My lower back has improved, as well as the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  But this will not only help you ease your pains through pregnancy, but it will also help you get your baby in the best position for birth, and it will help open up the pelvis making it easier for baby to come out.

Tip #3 Poly Jeans Formula

Say what? This recommendation was given by my midwives.  It’s an herbal combination that pregnant woman take 5 weeks prior to their anticipated due date.  This is supposed to assist in much easier labor and delivery (among other things).  The one time purchase covers your for the full 5 weeks.  Get it here. Here is a great testimonial from a mother who tried it…

“Wow! This was the fastest labor of my 6 births!  I usually labor for at least 10+ hours, but this time I had him in under 4!  I could really tell the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions were helping get things ready.  I will definitely be using this herbal formula again if we have another baby.” ~Leslie

Tip #4 Date Fruits

Dates have been raved about lately with helping in the last stages of pregnancy.  I just bought some and don’t love the texture so I’ll be experimenting with some recipes here.   An easy way would be to simply add them to a smoothie.  They’re a great sweetener.  The general rule of thumb is to eat 6 a day for the last month of your pregnancy.  It’s supposed to soften the cervix to make for a quicker labor.  They have done studies on this as well so go ahead and search some articles.  It’s really interesting.

Tip #5 Stay Active

Giving birth requires a lot of stamina and focus.  Keeping physically active will help you prepare for the marathon ahead.  Simply walking a mile 3-4 days a week will keep you in tip-top shape.