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How Many Calories In That “Personal Pizza?”

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May I share my shock and horror with you?  I didn’t think that you would mind.  Normally, I am a pretty upbeat and positive person.  We can all be honest about the fact that there is a lot, a whole lot, which we can be depressed about in the world today.  But, for the most part I try to look towards the positives and away from all that is negative.  One of the few things that most of us can control is our attitude.  Our attitude shapes so much of whom and what we are, what we become and what we achieve in life.
Yet, every now and again something happens that really gets under my skin.  I ran across this nutritional breakdown of sorts courtesy of the msnbc and the today show.  The actual headline read “The U.S. food industry has declared war on your waistline.  Here’s how to disarm its weapons of mass inflation.”I’m sure they are having some fun here, but the true of the matter isn’t that far off.

Check out some of these statistics.  Felt guilty about that last slice of pizza you had.  Well, at least the odds are you didn’t eat the monstrous beast by the unassuming name “Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza.”  This ball of garbage, yes I did just go there, is supposed to be a personal sized pan pizza.  Um, a personal sized pan pizza that has a freakishly ridiculous 2,300 calories and 4,500 mg of sodium!  Whoever dreamed this beast up, quite possibly hated people.  The whole deal about “okay once and a while treat” doesn’t fly when something is this Frankensteinian.  No way.  But I haven’t told you the best part yet.  162 grams of fat!  Yes, you read that correctly, 162 grams of fat in this pizza of doom.  Let’s take a look at this level of fat.

Now, are you setting down?  If you are surfing the web on a mobile device, please stop reading and sit down.  If you are consuming 1,600 calories a day  (for example, what a smaller woman might consume) then the amount of fat in your diet is about 50 grams.  If you are a big, manly man with a beard and all the rest, then the amount of fat you can consume is about 90 grams.  162 grams of fat!  If you are a smaller woman, this twisted little food has over three days worth of fat for you.  And its still nearly double the amount of fat for a large sized guy.

At this point you might understand my irritation with this “personal pizza.”  Bottom line is that we the consumer need to start asking a lot more questions from the entire food industry.  Its our job to look and see what is in the food we are consuming and when we see something we don’t like say, “no thank you, I will you my spending power elsewhere.”  If you don’t do that in another ten years the “personal pizza” will be “new and improved” with 3,000 calories in it and 320 grams of fat.  Enough already.